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  • Your members want a better quality of life. Let's help them get there. "Wellness Empowered"!

    It doesn't matter if we're talking about our bodies, our minds or our spirits, people everywhere have hit the wall in their ability to live healthy, happy lives like never before. While the reasons are many, we know that there is more we can do to help people live a "Wellness Empowered" life! Our team can help YOU make a difference in the lives of your members in the following ways:

    Stress & anxiety reduction.

    Improved quality of life through nutrition, herbs & essential oils.

    Tools & technologies that support the body's internal structures for better health.

    Wellness Empowerment is Within Everyone's Reach!

    Matthew 7:7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and yeshall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you     

    • Programs are being offered virtually - with hybrid programs currently available in North Carolina!

    • 919-671-6134

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    Should we look at our wellness as an "either or" game? 

    Hosea 4:6 "My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge" 

    While our healthcare community has a LOT of knowledge that allows it to diagnose and manage illness, doesn't the Bible provide a lot of clues for being healthy too?

    Another question to consider is - how does God answer our prayers for healing?  Can those answers come through other people?

    When did we decide that "man's knowledge" is more important than God's? Does it make more sense to integrate the best of both bodies of knowledge? What would happen if we combined the best of both God's and man's knowledge?

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  • What are the top 3 issues we address?

    We've all made a commitment to live happier, healthier lives.   Let us help your members find a way to integrate nature & medicine!

    Healthy, Happy & On the Job

    Wellness knowledge and empowerment is now a mandatory skillset for today's workforce.  Our experts will help them live happier, healthier lives to keep them on the job!

    Think Outside the "Insurance Box"!

    What if you could find new ways to think outside the "Insurance Box"?  How often do you reject God's Remedies because they are not covered by your insurance?

    Reintegrate God's Promises for Health & Happiness into Your Life

    Develop goals that integrate with your health providers, and with God's Promises. Explore products & technologies that incorporate nature's tools & elements for health & wellness.

    About us

    The solutions teams at We Care Partnerships Network:

    • Have been through health challenges
    • Have done their own research to determine how to create their own new level of health
    • Have found God's promises for health to be valid
    • Have helped people overcome life trauma that can interfere with productive work habits

    We've also helped people:

    • Identify strategies for living outside the "insurance box"
    • Earn additional income to allow "uncovered purchases"

    If you have a desire for a better quality of life that allows you to enjoy your family and your time on earth - call now!

  • Give us a call 919-671-6134

  • Our clients are happy

    Our team members have plenty of evidence to prove it!

    ''Sabriya was positive & generous to work with and did a fantastic job weaving together light-hearted activities with engaging thought experiences.  I would thoroughly recommend the entire team and the remote retreat concept." ~ Dan, CTO, Safe & Reliable Healthcare

    Sabriya Charles

    Team Member

    ''I have noticed Maggie’s enthusiasm for essential oils but when I became isolated at home with a broken knee recently, I understood why she is so enthusiastic. She helped me order some and then showed me how to use them. To start, the shock of going from very active to depending on a wheelchair and a walker had me feeling in the dumps. With certain oils I can quickly feel uplifted and hopeful. I breathe them in to get that feeling. In addition, my arm was feeling tired from rolling the wheelchair around my home, so another oil applied on my skin quickly soothed the muscles and allowed me to stop using the brace I was using to cope. I am excited to learn more about essential oils and apply the knowledge to other areas of my life. My cultural background always honors natural plant use so this is a perfect fit!”  

    from Mitra A. 

    Maggie Burgisser

    Team Member

    ''As someone who has some kind of an allergy reaction in every season, I was curious to try Giovanna's air purifier. I was impressed by its use on the International Space Station.

    I bought it in March, 2021, just as spring allergies were about to kick in - and I found that they never did! 

    I found myself sneezing "once every few days" and skipping my usual runny nose and eyes. It was amazing!

    I had been taking a Sudafed every night in every season for the previous 10 years or so. After a month with Giovanna's amazing technology, in the height of Spring Allergy season, I ran out of Sudafed and decided to try going without. It turns out that I was fine without it! It was wonderful to be free!"

    from Christina

    Giovanna Sidoti

    Team Member

    Your Questions Answered

    Are your programs virtual or live?

    They are mostly virtually since we are drawing on knowledge from people across the country.  Some programs may be part live and part virtual, depending on where our members are located and where we find organizations to work with us.

    How long does your program run?

    Our programs are designed in part by the organizations we serve.  They can be done over a day or two, or spread out over several weeks.  It depends on the content we are asked to deliver and how the organization wishes to structure it.

    Where does your knowledge base come from?

    Our team is made up of experts & educators who have been trained in specific solutions that the medical community may or may not have been trained in.  Our focus is on helping people reintegrate God into their wellness empowerment system. And, we do have an Advisory Team of medical professionals that back up our programs.

    Is there a fee for your program?

    We typically run a 3-tiered program where some pieces may have a nominal fee and some may not.  Again, it depends on what an organization wants for a program.

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