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  • Your members want stability in their financial world - we're here to help YOU make a difference for them!

    It doesn't matter if we're talking about debt, inflation, cost reduction or income production, people everywhere have hit the wall in their ability to live comfortably like never before. While the reasons are many, we know that there is more we can do to help people live a "Prosperity Empowered" life! Our teams can help you empower people with:

    Cost Reduction Strategies

    Debt Reduction Tools

    Wealth Building Strategies

    Fear or Faith?  And Peace.

    Prosperity Empowerment  is Within Everyone's Reach!

    Matthew 7:7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and yeshall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

    Everyone is working on new ways to grow their organizations:

    • By attracting more people  *  By asking for larger donations     
    • Perhaps it makes sense to help them make and keep more money so they have more to give!
    • Programs are being offered virtually - with hybrid programs currently available in North Carolina!

    • 919-671-6134

    Introducing "Fear, Faith & Finance"! 

    How much of our time are we allowing ourselves to be consumed by fear? While it may make sense to know something about what's going on in your community, is focusing on the fear we see really helping us?

    Hasn't Our Creator promised us that we can live life abundantly?  

    John 10:10 "I came that they may have life and have it abundantly."

    2 Timothy 1:7 "For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self control."

    Is it time to help more people apply their faith to their finances?

  • Give us a call 919 671 6134

  • What are the top 3 issues we address?

    We've been through financial challenges and know the ropes! Let us introduce new pieces of your members' financial puzzle!

    Cost Reduction Strategies!

    When we are so busy with our jobs, our families, health issues and so much more, we often don't have time to learn about the things "we don't know that we don't know"!

    Our team represents leading-edge cost reduction strategies - doesn't it make sense to combat rising inflation by keeping more of the money you DO make?

                  You, Inc.                Think Like an  Entrepreneur & Learn New Wealth Building Strategies!

    Your organization, and your members' households, run very much like a business. Income in, expenses out. If your organization, or your household was a business, would you invest in it?

       Debt Reduction    Strategies

    Credit cards, mortgages and student loans - oh my!  Are there "tricks of the trade" that no one ever tells us about?  What don't I know that could help me get out from under mountains of debt?

    About us

    The solutions teams at We Care Partnerships Network:

    • Have been through financial challenges
    • Have found ways to reduce stress by changing financial strategies
    • Have built multiple streams of income
    • Have done a lot of the research for you so you can begin to uncover what you don't know that you don't know - like cryptocurrency and other new investments
    • Have learned a lot about "strategies of the rich" so they can bring them to everyone else
  • Give us a call 919-671-6134

  • Our clients are happy

    Our team members have plenty of evidence to prove it!

    ''Tanya and I have been co-workers in the Emergency Services sector & friends for over 10 years, so when she came to me asking if she could help me save money, make more money and save us on income taxes, it was easy to say yes please! She taught me how to move my investments to where they would be more beneficial for me and my family, but when she called me to tell me that my rate of returns had double from where they were before that, I was shocked! A beautiful surprise! Tanya has also helped us with life insurance, a RESP for our son’s education, even just explaining things in the way that we could understand and so much more. Thank you, Tanya!"    Jayme K.

    Tanya Millar

    Team Member & Financial Advisor

    ''Your (Find Your Song & Sing It) class (I like to call is a workshop) was the BEST- just a great group of participants, wonderful discussions and creative idea spinning. EVERYONE should take it- I'd love for it to become curriculum in High Schools'' ~ H. Pritzlaff-Nathan

    Sheyenne Kreamer

    Team Member

    '' I especially love the structure of the book. I won't spoil it for those who've yet to grab their copy, but Sabriya's creative approach to storytelling inspired me to take action as I was reading. I've already started recommending this book not just to entrepreneurs, but anyone who wants to lead a life that is meaningful and purposeful. " ~ J. Burstion

    Sabriya Charles

    Team Member

    Your Questions Answered

    What kind of benefits can members expect by participating?

    Benefits will depend on the individual needs of your members, but can typically include:

    Relief from passive income tax

    80-90% decrease in self-employments taxes

    Learn simple way to develop additional income streams

    Reduce student deb in half the time

    Learn about new investment opportunities

    Stop hemorrhaging money - get control of your budget

    Learn to leverage your money - more than one use from the same money!

    How long does your program run?

    Our programs are designed in part by the organizations we serve. They can be done over a day or two, or spread out over several weeks. It depends on the content we are asked to deliver and how the organization wishes to structure it.

    Is there a fee for your program?

    We typically run a 3-tiered program where some pieces many have a nominal fee and some may not.  A lot of it depends on what an organization wants for a program.

    What can you tell me about the members of the team?

    Our team collectively has over 115 years in business and financial services. They range from licensed financial planners and insurance agents, to business owners who have spent their lives building multiple streams of income.

    Our focus is on helping people discover things that they didn't know that they didn't know, as well as helping people reintegrate God's promises into their financial world.

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